This page provides answers to the questions that are most commonly asked about the Arizona Home Education Convention and Curriculum Fair. Topics are listed alphabetically. Click on any topic in the list below to read the questions and answers pertaining to that topic, or scroll down to read through all of the FAQs.



Q: Can I bring my children to the convention?

A: Children may attend the convention with their parents. There is a $10 admission fee for each child age 3 and older. We do not have a children's program at our convention due to space limitations and liability issues. Children under 12 must remain with an adult at all times. Children are welcome in any of the adult workshop sessions provided there is space available, they are not disruptive, and they are accompanied by a parent or responsible adult. There is no charge for infants and we do provide a curtained area for moms in the exhibit hall for nursing and feeding infants.

Q: Why is there a charge for children and teens to attend?

A: We charge for children because we are not equipped to handle a very large number of children at the Convention Center. The convention is geared toward parent/teacher enrichment and education. We understand, however, that some cannot arrange childcare and we want to give them the option to bring their children if necessary. Arizona is part of a shrinking minority around the country in extending this option. Please be respectful of the Convention Center property and staff.

Q: What is there for teens to do at the convention?

A: We are pleased to offer a two-day Teen Program at the convention for homeschooled students age 12-18. Details can be found on the TEEN PROGRAM page. The fee for teens participating in the Teen Program is $20 per student and is limited to the first 500 teens to register. Regular teen admission to the convention (for those not participating in the Teen Program) is $10 per student. Teens are also invited to attend and enjoy any of the other workshop sessions and the exhibit hall. We ask that they conduct themselves as well-mannered young men and women at all times, not disruptive to others at the convention.

Q: How do I register my unmarried homeschool graduate still living at home or attending college?

A: Unmarried homeschool graduates who are still living at home or attending college are permitted to register for the convention with their parents for $10 each. Simply add them to your registration if they meet the criteria for the $10 admission rate. If a homeschool graduate is married or no longer living at home (not attending college), they must register separately as adults and pay the full admission price.


Q: Does AFHE provide a Continuing Education form?

A: Yes! AFHE provides a Continuing Education form for those attendees who are required to obtain continuing education hours (e.g. foster parents). Please ask for a form at the registration booth in the lobby and an AFHE representative will sign it for you. Then you will fill in the workshops you attended along with the presenters' names. You will need to check with your licensing agency to find out which workshops qualify for continuing education hours.


Q: What do you do with the information from the completed surveys?

A: We use this information to help us make future conventions an even better experience for those in attendance. We also compile statistical information from certain questions.

Q: What do I do with my completed survey?

A: There will be a basket near the registration counter for completed surveys starting Friday late afternoon.

Q: Is it true I can enter a drawing if I turn in my completed survey?

A: Yes! Complete your survey, turn it in at the registration counter, fill out a prize drawing slip with your name, address, and phone number, and you will be entered in the prize drawing! Four names will be drawn for a gift card and ten names will be drawn for a free workshop recording from the convention. One survey and entry per family, please.

Q: How will I find out if I won?

A: We will email you to notify that your survey was drawn as a winner approximately 4 weeks after the convention. Four winners will receive a gift card by mail. Ten winners will receive a coupon code via email to use on the Resounding Voice website to purchase one recording.

Q: How would I redeem my certificate for a free workshop recording if I win?

A: Workshop recordings can be ordered from Resounding Voice following the convention on their website. Instructions will be provided by email to the winners. NOTE: Occasionally one or more speakers may limit the sale of their workshop recordings from our convention to on-site sales only and may not be available following the convention.


Q: Can I pass out fliers about my business, group, organization, club, church, etc.?

A: No. The distribution of materials at the convention is prohibited. There are three sanctioned opportunities for sharing information with convention attendees about businesses, organizations, clubs, products, services, etc. which must meet certain criteria and be approved. These three approved avenues are renting booth space, participating in the goody bags, or purchasing ad space in the convention program. There is an application/contract process and fees associated with each of these three options. We do not allow people to hand out fliers, brochures, business cards, or other materials outside of one of these avenues out of fairness to those who have paid for these opportunities. Any fliers, brochures, cards, catalogs, etc. found on tables, in public areas outside booth space, in restrooms, etc. will be picked up and discarded.

Q: How do I find out about booth space, goody bags, or advertising in the convention program?

A: The Exhibitor Application Packet, Goody Bag Application, and Convention Program Media Kit are all available on the EXHIBITORS page starting in November.

Q: What about Homeschool Support Group fliers and brochures?

A: We will not be having a Support Group booth in 2016. If a homeschool group wishes to participate in the goody bags or convention program advertising, information can be found on the EXHIBITORS page about these options.

Q: Can we put out a box to collect eyeglasses, cell phones, etc. at the convention?

A: No. These types of service project collections are not permitted at the convention.


Q: What types of exhibitors are permitted to have booths in the Exhibit Hall?

A: We focus on exhibitors who assist and encourage parents in their efforts to teach their own children at home. Vendors who enrich the homeschool experience are included as space allows. You will not find schools or teaching services in our hall who specialize in “out-of-home” education in core subjects. Some information on privately funded enrichment or tutorial services may be found in our goody bag.

Q: What hours will the exhibit hall be open?

A: The exhibit hall is open from 10:00 am to 6:30 pm Friday and Saturday.

Q: Why don't you open the exhibit hall earlier than 10:00 AM?

A: The exhibit hall opens at 10:00 am to allow the vendors to stay open later. This allows for more shopping time for convention attendees after the workshops have ended. Our exhibitors work hard and invest a lot to be part of our convention and they work long days. We want to be respectful of these hard-working folks and treat them with care.

Q: Do I have to register for the convention if I just want to come and shop in the exhibit hall?

A: We offer an exhibit-hall-only pass for those who have limited time and just want to come and shop in the exhibit hall. The pass is $25 per adult and is good Saturday from 3:30-6:30 PM only. Exhibit hall only passes may be purchased on-site starting at 3:15 PM Saturday. Passes may not be shared or transferred. AFHE membership is not required nor included with this option.


Q: What is the First-Time Attendees Discount Admission?

A: We offer a special discount rate to all parents who are first-time attendees (limit first 500 to request a coupon code and register). This is a great way to invite new families to come to the convention and learn more about parent-led, family-funded, relationship-based home education.

Q: Who qualifies for the first-time attendee discount?

A: The only requirement is that you must not have ever registered for or attended the AFHE Convention before.

Q: What is the discount admission fee?

A: First-time attendees will have the opportunity to attend our convention for just $25 per individual adult or married couple.
(No, you cannot bring a friend in place of your husband or wife. Thanks for asking!)

Q: How many people can take advantage of the first-time attendee discount?

A: This offer is limited to the first 500 adult registrants who are first-time attendees who request a coupon code and register before the early registration deadline.

Q: How does a first-time attendee get the discount?

A: If you qualify for this discount, please contact us starting March 1, 2016 at to receive a FIRST-TIME ATTENDEE COUPON CODE. Then register online no later than June 24, 2016 using the special registration link we will provide to you. Contact us early when registration opens March 1. First-time attendee discounts are limited to the first 500 that contact us for a coupon code and they do tend to go quickly.

Q: What is the registration deadline for the first-time attendee discount?

A: This special discount for first-time attendees is being offered during the early registration period only. The first 500 first-time attendees that contact us and receive a coupon code must register no later than June 24.

Q: Can I register at the door and receive the first-time attendee discount?

A: No. Early registration by June 24, 2017 is required to participate in the discount admission for first-time attendees and is only available to those who received a coupon code.

Q: A friend of mine is also a first-time attendee. Can I get a coupon code for her also?

A: No. Each individual must contact AFHE to request their own coupon code so that we can keep track of coupon code requests to monitor when we have reached the 500 limit.


Q: Where can I purchase food?

A: Food is available for purchase from on-site concessions during convention hours for your convenience. In addition, numerous fast food locations and restaurants are within walking distance.

PCC’S FOOD POLICY: The Phoenix Convention Center is now allowing us to bring in outside food. However, the policy is that you may only bring individual lunches or food items per person. So, if you purchase food at a nearby fast food restaurant or you bring in your own sack lunch, you must have one sack/package per person. PCC will not allow families to bring in lunch orders for multiple people in one sack/package. Please, no family picnic baskets, ice chests, large pizzas, etc.

Visit for an interactive map with restaurants in the area.

GRANDPARENTS (non-homeschooling)

Q: What is the admission price for grandparents?

A: We understand the importance of grandparents in the homeschool process. Non-homeschooling* grandparents are always free if they come with their adult children who are registered for the convention. Grandparents who are still homeschooling one or more children of their own must register separately and pay the full admission fee.

*Non-homeschooling grandparent means that the grandparent isn't still homeschooling their own child. Grandparents are certainly encouraged to be involved in the homeschooling process with their grandchildren at their adult child's invitation and direction.

Q: What if I pre-registered, but didn't register my parent (a non-homeschooling grandparent)?

A: You will need to fill out an on-site registration card and go to one of the on-site registration lines to register the non-homeschooling grandparent. The pre-registration name badge pick-up lines are only for those who already have their name badges. There is no charge for non-homeschooling grandparents who register at the door, but they must attend the convention with their adult child/ren who are registered for the convention (either through early registration or on-site registration).


Q: What is the pre-convention mini-conference?

A: On Thursday afternoon, July 14, prior to the convention’s start, we will present a free three-hour mini-conference for those who are considering educating their children at home or those who are new to homeschooling. DETAILS

Q: Is there a fee to attend?

A: This mini-conference is free of charge.

Q: How do I register?

A: No advance registration is required. Just come on down and join us! You will need to pay for parking, which runs approximately $10-$15 per day near the Phoenix Convention Center.

Q: Can I attend the homeschool convention, too?

A: Yes! We encourage you to attend the homeschool convention in addition to the Considering Homeschooling pre-convention mini-conference. You'll need to register for the convention and pay the convention registration fee.

Q: Is there a discount to attend the homeschool convention if I attend the mini-conference Thursday?

A: No. The only discount available is the early registration discount described below in the Registration section.

Q: Can I invite others to the mini-conference?

A: Yes! Please share this opportunity with anyone you know who is thinking about teaching their children at home.

Q: Is there childcare? Can I bring my children with me?

A: Childcare is not provided. This pre-convention mini-conference is geared for adults and takes place during exhibitor set-up for the AFHE Home Education Convention. For your children's safety and to allow you to glean all that you can from these mini-conference sessions, we encourage you to make childcare arrangements early. If you cannot find childcare, you may bring your children with you provided there is space available and they are not disruptive to those around you.


Q: What is the purpose of the name badges?

A: Your name badge is your admission for both days to all areas of the convention including speaker sessions, workshops, and the exhibit hall. Your name badge must be worn at all times.

Q: What do I do if I lose my name badge?

A: A replacement name badge may be purchased at the registration counter in the lobby for a small fee. Our on-site registration coordinators will verify registration for the convention before issuing a replacement name badge.

Q: If we pre-register, when will we receive our name badges?

A: Name badges will be available for pick-up on-site in the South Lobby. In order to minimize lost or forgotten name badges and to save on mailing costs, we will not be mailing name badges out prior to the convention this year. This also allows us to extend the pre-registration period closer to the convention.

Q: Can I share my name badge with someone?

A: No. Name badges cannot be shared or transferred to anyone else.


Q: I'd like to invite my pastor to attend the convention. How does he/she register?

A: We invite non-homeschooling pastors to attend the convention free of charge as a means to share the vision of home education and to build strong relationships with churches. This offer is extended to pastors who do not teach their own children at home currently, but are interested in learning more about homeschooling. Registration by June 24 is requested for free admission for non-homeschooling pastors. Please have your pastor contact us at to receive registration instructions.

Q: I am a pastor and I homeschool my children. Can I get in for free?

A: Unfortunately, no. Free admission is only offered to non-homeschooling pastors. The purpose as described above is to share the vision of home education with pastors and to build strong relationships with churches.


Q: I have pre-registered for the convention, but I am unable to attend. Can I get a refund?

A: Our policy, as published in our promotional materials and on our website, is that all convention fees are non-refundable.

Q: Can I give my name tag to a friend to use if I cannot attend?

A: Unfortunately, no. Registration is non-transferrable.


Q: When does convention registration open?

A: Early registration is open March 1 through June 24, 2016.

Q: How do I register to attend the convention?

A: Early registration takes place through an online registration form. Visit the REGISTRATION PAGE for information and to register your family for the convention. All early discount convention registrations must be completed no later than June 24, 2016.

Q: How do I register after June 24?

A: After June 24 registration is only available at the door for full price (individual or married couple) regardless of membership status. To register at the door, go to the registration area in the lobby of the Phoenix Convention Center, South Building. Fill out a registration card located at the tables in the lobby. Take your completed registration card and your payment to one of the on-site registration lines and we will take care of you. On-site payment options include cash, check with proper ID, and credit card (Visa and MasterCard accepted. We are not able to accept American Express.).

Q: How do I participate in the early registration discount?

A: Register online no later than June 24, 2016.

Q: How much is registration if I register by the early registration deadline?

A: We have a tiered pricing structure for 2016. Please visit the REGISTRATION PAGE for details.

Q: Why is AFHE membership required?

A: The early registration discount is a benefit of AFHE membership. You must be a current member of AFHE at the time of the convention in order to enjoy the discount with early registration. Your AFHE membership allows you to stay connected with our organization throughout the year.

Q: Can I register at the door?

A: Yes!

Q: What time does on-site registration begin?

A: Registration opens at 8:00 am both Friday and Saturday.

Q: What is the admission price at the door?

A: Please visit the REGISTRATION PAGE for details. Forms of payment accepted at the door include cash, check with proper ID, and credit card (Visa or MasterCard only). The on-site registration fee is a flat fee regardless of current membership status. We will include AFHE membership that goes through June 30, 2017 for on-site registrations.

Q: If my husband/wife cannot attend with me, can I bring a friend?

A: You may bring a friend, however, they will have to pay the full convention admission fee. We give free spouse admission to encourage husbands and wives to attend together. This is because we see the importance of couples to be “of one mind” in their education decisions. We do not have any other group discounts.

Q: Is there a discount if my spouse cannot attend with me?

A: No. As described in the previous question we give free spouse admission to encourage husbands and wives to attend together. We do not offer a discount if the spouse is unable to attend.

Q: Is there a discount if I can only attend one day?

A: No. We have one price which includes either day or both days. Our fee is quite reasonable even if you are only able to attend one day.

Q: If I pre-register, where do I check in when I arrive at the Convention Center?

A: There will be special pre-registration check-in lines for those who took advantage of early registration. You will pick up your name badges from one of the volunteers at the pre-registration lines where you will also receive your name badge holders/lanyards along with a convention program and a goody bag. Name badges will be in envelopes by last name of the primary registrant.

Q: What if I pre-registered, but plan on bringing an additional child or teen?

A: You can add them by filling out an on-site registration card. Take the registration card to one of the on-site registration lines to pay for the additional child or teen.

Q: I live in another state. Do I have to pay the membership fee to participate in early discount registration?

A: Yes. We do not have a non-member early registration price. We would be happy to add you to our maiing list and send you our quarterly magazine, which is a benefit of membership.


Q: Why are volunteers important at the convention?

A: Our convention is run entirely by volunteers, from the director to the registration staff. Our volunteer workers help keep costs to a minimum while continuing to provide an excellent conference.

Q: What do volunteers do at the convention?

A: We are looking for mature, responsible, reliable adults to volunteer in a variety of positions at our convention including booth hosts for speakers, workshop hosts, and registration volunteers.

Q: How long would my shift as a volunteer last?

A: Volunteers must serve a minimum of 1 hour. Generally people work between 1 and 5 hours. A minimum of 5 hours of on-site volunteer service is required for free admission, 6 hours if you are sharing the hours with your spouse. (These hours may not be shared by friends to get free admission.)

Q: Must I be an AFHE member in order to volunteer?

A: Yes, AFHE membership is required to volunteer. We offer our members the opportunity to volunteer at the convention and receive free admission with a minimum number of hours served as a benefit of membership.

Q: What is the deadline to sign up as a volunteer?

A: All volunteers are asked to sign up as a volunteer and register for the convention no later than June 24, 2016 (the early registration date). This allows us to finalize the volunteer schedules and mail out your name badges.

Q: How do I sign up to serve as a volunteer?

A: Information can be found on the VOLUNTEERS page. Please complete a volunteer application and our volunteer coordinator will follow up to get you scheduled as a volunteer and will provide special convention registration instructions.

Q: Where do I check in when it's my turn to volunteer and how early do I need to check in?

A: When you arrive at the Convention Center, go to Volunteer Check-In at the registration counter in the lobby to pick up your name badge holders, convention program, and goody bag, and to receive any last-minute instructions from our volunteer coordinator.

Q: If I am volunteering for an exhibitor in their booth, can my spouse get free admission too?

A: Exhibitors recruit their own volunteers. This is separate from volunteering for AFHE. Each exhibitor receives a set number of name badges for each booth space they rent and they must pay the registration fee for any name badges beyond the ones they receive with their booth. Spouse admission is not included for exhibitor volunteers. If you are volunteering for an exhibitor in their booth and your spouse wants to attend the convention, your spouse will need to register for the convention and pay the registration fee.


Q: How do I purchase recordings of workshops?

A: CDs or MP3 recordings of speaker workshops may be purchased at the convention at the Resounding Voice booth in the lobby. NOTE: Occasionally one or more speakers may limit the sale of their workshop recordings from our convention to on-site sales only and may not be available following the convention. Please check the convention program when you arrive to find out if any speakers will only have their recordings available for sale during the convention.

Workshop recording prices and information can be found on the SPEAKERS page starting in January.

Q: Can I purchase workshop recordings after the convention?

A: Recordings may also be purchased following the convention through the Resounding Voice website

Q: Can I purchase recordings of exhibitor workshops?

A: Unfortunately, no. Exhibitor workshops are not recorded.

Q: Why are certain speakers' recordings only available for purchase at the convention and not afterward?

A: Some speakers request that their recordings only be sold at the convention. This prevents web sales from our conference from competing with their own sales. We respect our speakers’ right to apply this restriction if they wish. You may generally buy recordings of similar sessions directly from the speakers in this case.


Q: What is the young entrepreneurs program and how does my child register to participate?

A: AFHE is once again offering an opportunity for homeschooled entrepreneurs to sell their services and products at the convention. Homeschooled graduates or students between the ages of 12 and 23 are eligible to participate. See the YOUNG ENTREPRENUERS page for more information and application.