AFHE Convention - Teen Program - Film Camp by Crystal Creek Media


Christian Teen Program

Homeschooled students age 12-19 are invited to participate in this year's Teen Program, Film Camp by Crystal Creek Media.


Have you ever wondered what a film set looks like? Or perhaps imagined what it is like to be an actor on the silver screen? With websites like YouTube receiving more than 1 billion unique users visiting every month, multimedia quite literally permeates our culture. This media revolution has likely provided the greatest opportunity for missions work that the world has ever seen. FILM CAMP is the perfect chance to get an inside glimpse into the exciting world of multimedia. With a number of challenging lectures and hands-on demonstrations, FILM CAMP introduces teens to the history of Christian artwork and its impact on culture throughout the last two millennia, the rapidly changing media environment, and some fun technical aspects of filmmaking.

Daniel Knudsen, Crystal Creek Media

AFHE Convention Speaker - Daniel Knudsen

Daniel Knudsen is an American born director, actor, film producer, and artist from the Detroit, Michigan area. With stage acting beginning in elementary school, Daniel has actively worked on film sets across the country. He has directed and/or produced five feature films including Creed of Gold, Christmas Grace, and A Horse Called Bear. A homeschool graduate himself, Daniel has worked in the media industry for nine years. He actively teaches both the craft of filmmaking to aspiring artists and challenges media consumers of all ages with a Christian worldview on entertainment. His films have been complimented by the Dove Foundation for their promotion of family values through engaging stories. Daniel is a graduate of Thomas Edison State College and is currently part of the leadership team for the Christian Worldview Film Festival in San Antonio, TX.

Film Camp Promo Video

Watch this short promo for Film Camp by Crystal Creek Media.


Participation is open to homeschooled teens age 12-19. Attendance is limited to the first 450 teens that register. The Teen Program registration fee of $20 includes a 76-page student workbook from Crystal Creek Media, admission to all eight Teen Program sessions, plus admission to the exhibit hall and any other workshops they wish to attend.

Visit the Convention REGISTRATION page for more information and to register your family before June 10. At-the-door registrations for the Teen Program will be accepted if space is available.

Teens participating in the Teen Program must register with their parents for the convention or have another adult that will be on-site during the convention who will be responsible for each teen. The Phoenix Convention Center is a public building in Downtown Phoenix. Parents or a designated adult are responsible for the well-being and safety of their children and teens during the convention, not the AFHE Board of Directors, Convention Committee, convention volunteers, or Crystal Creek Media team members. All teens who participate in the Teen Program must have contact information (cell number) for their parents or the designated adults responsible for them in case of emergency or the need arises to reach the parent during Teen Program sessions.

NOTE:Teen Program participants do not need to pay the $10 child/teen admission fee on top of their $20 registration.

Name Badges

Students registered for the Teen Program will have special name badges that must be worn at all times, and may not be shared or transferred to others.


The Teen Program will run Friday, July 11 and Saturday, July 12 concurrently with adult workshops. 11:00 am - noon, 1:30-2:30 pm, 3:00-4:00 pm, and 4:30-5:30 pm. There will be a lunch break from 12:00 to 1:30 pm each day. Parents, please make arrangements with your teens to meet up for lunch during the break.

Special Needs

Although we are not staffed to assist students who need special assistance, we would invite a parent, older sibling, or aide to attend the teen program with a student who needs assistance. Please email us at to discuss any special circumstances that may impact a student's ability to participate in the teen program. The teen program is primarily lecture style because of the size of the group and does not allow for much movement during the sessions. There is a 30-minute break between each of the afternoon workshop schedules.

Workshop Descriptions

Coliseum to Cinema: Christianity and Entertainment
Friday 11:00 am - Noon

Throughout history, entertainment has played an important role in creating cultures, impacting society, and developing worldviews. From royal court jesters to popular modern musicians, entertainment is a tool that can be used in a powerful way. How do Christianity and entertainment work together? Learn more about the entertainment industry and how the Christian church can shape culture through the arts.

Friday 1:30 - 2:30 pm

Christian Film Preview

YouTube to Oscars: Strategically Planning a Project
Friday 3:00 - 4:00 pm

How does a film go from conception to theater or DVD? What different routes does a film take if it is destined for a YouTube hit versus international theatrical distribution? How do filmmakers design a film for success before they ever begin shooting? Learn how filmmakers plan an efficient and cost-effective production. Find a crew, draw storyboards, and assemble a realistic filmmaking schedule!

Creating a Compelling Story: Christian Script Writing
Friday 4:30 - 5:30 pm

What does every hero want? What makes audiences passionately hate a villain? Learn how filmmakers tell a masterful story through an understanding of the most basic human needs. Learn about the basic structure and format of a script through story concept, title, logline, synopsis, treatment, and screenplay.

Taking Center Stage: Acting for Film
Saturday 11:00 am - Noon

As of 2009 there were nearly twelve thousand film actors in the United States. How do you stand out as an actor? Unlike theater where everything is over dramatized, acting on film must come across as genuine and real. In this session, learn the basic principles to give a structurally sound performance for the camera.

Saturday 1:30 - 2:30 pm

Christian Film Preview

Design for Art and Screen: Cinematography and Editing
Saturday 3:00 - 4:00 pm

How do you shoot a scene that looks like a big budget theatrical release? Discover how you can use lighting and camera work to tell your story through mood and emotion. After principle photography is complete, a movie can still change dramatically. Learn how to assemble a compelling story out of millions of frames, thousands of takes, and hundreds of shots.

The Celebrity's Guide to the Galaxy
Saturday 4:30 - 5:30 pm

How can a Christian shine as a star in the universe of media asteroids? Join us for an exciting session on practical, spiritual, and professional insights for Christians in multimedia today.