Thursday Mini-Conference Workshop Descriptions

Track 1
Room 166-167

Considering Homeschooling

Linda Crosby

So, you’ve decided to homeschool your children.  Now what?  If you are at this jumping in point and need direction navigating your homeschool journey, this workshop is for you!  Twelve-year veteran and homeschool mom-survivor, Linda Crosby, will answer your questions:  How do I teach several kids at different levels? Where do I find curriculum? What about report cards?  Do I need an American flag in the kitchen? Do I need a teaching certificate? Can video games count as something? What is the homeschool law in Arizona?  Are pajamas a homeschool uniform? Plus many, many more!

Hal and Melanie Young

Veteran homeschoolers toss around terms like unit studies, classical education, Charlotte Mason, and more, never dreaming how confusing all of that is to someone new to homeschooling. Hal and Melanie will help you understand the different approaches and share tools to help you figure out what is best for your family. This sessions will help if this is your first year or if you just need a new perspective.

Nancy Manos

Nancy shares tips she’s learned along the way for making the home education adventure more effective and fruitful ... and more enjoyable, too! We’ll talk about what success looks like, and what it does not look like. Glean ideas to help you organize your time, your home, your schedule, and your life in ways that will foster a successful homeschool experience with your children.


Track 2
Room 161-163

Struggling Learners
Dianne Craft, MA, CNHP


Unlock the ability of your child with Autism or Asperger’s using a unique three-pronged approac: academics, therapies, and biological interventions that bring the fastest results!  Find out why the drastic increase in children diagnosed on the Autism spectrum.  Learn how to banish the anxiety they struggle with daily. Case studies of children Dianne has worked with will give you many ideas about how to work with your child to make big changes in learning and behavior.


For some children, math is a monster!  They hate it and always feel dumb when doing it. These children often have difficulty learning math facts and tend to do poorly on tests, because they "forget" how to do the math processes (division, fractions, algebra, etc.). Math is almost always taught in a left brain manner, but in this workshop you will learn to teach it in a right brain manner and help your child permanently  store both math facts and math processes (addition to algebra) in their long-term memory. No curriculum to purchase … just fast, effective, right brain strategies to use at home to reduce math frustration and tears!


“Help!  My teenager can’t even write a paragraph by himself.”
“My child loves to journal, but won’t write an organized paragraph for anything.”

Loose thought patterns plague many children and teens, particularly those suffering with dysgraphia, ADD, or auditory processing problems. They have difficulty thinking in an organized manner, and therefore cannot write in an organized manner no matter how much practice they have using various workbook and worksheet methods of teaching. None of the curriculum I had available in the classroom or from catalogs had been working so I developed my own strategy of teaching writing to this particular population of students. This method always works even with kids who would never write a paragraph to save their life. No curriculum required. You will be surprised how this will work with your non-writer!