DVD: Exposing a Trojan Horse

Trojan Horse DVD

Exposing a Trojan Horse interviews leaders of Christian state homeschool organizations, researchers, and parents to uncover the hidden costs of parents participating in government-funded programs for homeschoolers. This powerful 30-minute DVD exposes the dangers of government-funded homeschooling.



If you have a serious concern like we do about the effects of virtual schools and publicly-funded programs for homeschoolers, this DVD is an excellent resource for you.

Government-funded programs for homeschoolers are enticing. They provide free materials and educational experiences to families. But what price do parents pay to participate in these programs? Is there a cost to the homeschooling movement? Are we welcoming a Trojan Horse into our midst through these programs? What will be the impact on the future generations of Christian homeschoolers?


COST: $10 each (includes S&H)

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