2013 AFHE Scholarship Recipients


AFHE Homeschool Scholarship Fund

Congratulations to the recipients of the 2013 AFHE college scholarship awards for homeschool graduates!

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Joshua Bowling

Adam Lebbs

2013 Bouman Law Firm Scholarship Recipient

"I was homeschooled through twelfth grade. According to society, I should be socially awkward, malnourished, uneducated, and sheltered, never having left my front door. For three years in high school I played basketball and was named “Faith Captain” my senior year. I won the Servant Leader Award for football in my sophomore year and the Servant Laborer Award for basketball in my senior year. I have received the President’s Scholarship at Mesa Community College. In addition to this, I have been extremely blessed to receive the Bouman Scholarship from AFHE. After MCC I’ll be transferring to ASU to further pursue journalism. I owe this all not to myself; but to my parents, my coaches that have guided me through life, and my Lord, Jesus Christ.."

Sarah Gripp

Philip Ormand

Recipient AFHE General Scholarship and Mona Peller Scholarship

"I have been homeschooled and 'carschooled' since kindergarten. I have two sisters and my family enjoys doing outdoor activities, playing bluegrass music, and talking together. I have been involved on different sports teams—both playing and coaching—but my main extracurricular activity in high school has been music. This fall I plan on attending Northern Arizona University as a music education major, eventually participating in the Suzuki pedagogy program at NAU, and perhaps later adding a violin performance degree. I hope to teach the violin privately, allowing me to give both instruction and friendship to my students. I also hope to be a performing artist, playing at special events such as weddings or banquets, small ensembles, or professional orchestras."

Garrett Rozendall

Kaitlyn Tylor

Recipient Bouman Law Firm Scholarship

"I have loved science since I was very young and began competing in science fairs in the first grade. I live on acreage in Prescott Valley with my parents and brother and sister. Being in open territory allowed me to test rockets and enter them in science fairs. I received three gold medals at the Arizona State Fair, the Navy Award two years in a row, as well as the Outstanding Engineering Exhibit. I was honored to compete at the International Science Fair in 2011 in Los Angeles. I will be starting the Gunsmithing program at Yavapai College in the fall. I love designing, tearing apart, and rebuilding guns. I hope to use my degree in gunsmithing and my computer numerical control certificate to design and repair firearms."

Nathan Tappendorf

Garrett Peelen

Recipient AFHE General Scholarship

"My overarching goal in life is to glorify God in everything I do. I want every word I speak, every action I take, and every dream I pursue to be in line with God’s will for my life. I believe that for the next few years, this looks like attending Arizona State University and majoring in mechanical engineering. I believe that God is calling me to be a light on that secular campus and a strong Christian witness for Him there. After graduating with a master’s degree, I plan to enter the engineering profession and impact that arena for God, through my work, my words, and my life. To God be the glory!"

Thomas Varkey

Jonny Woodbury

Recipient AFHE General Scholarship

"In 2007 I was led by God, through providential circumstances, to seriously consider the steps necessary to become a physician. Because of His calling, this coming fall I will be attending Grand Canyon University in pursuit of my bachelor’s of biology. I hope to continue afterward to medical school to pursue a career as a physician. I will also be working with Child Evangelism Fellowship as the ministry intern, hoping to increase the effect of the Gospel on the children in the greater Phoenix area. Please pray for me that God would work through me as I strive to achieve these goals.."