Designated Scholarship - Arizona Christian University
Biology Scholarship

Scholarship Title

Arizona Christian University Biology Scholarship

Donor Name

Arizona Christian University (ACU)

Scholarship Award Amount

$5,000 per year (non-monetary at ACU)

Distribution Schedule

Award half the amount each semester

Scholarship is Renewable if Criteria are Maintained


College Major or Field of Interest


Minimum Grade Point Average Required


Scholarship Criteria

This scholarship is competitive and stackable with other ACU scholarships up to the cost of tuition. Student must attend ACU and major in Biology. Must be enrolled in a minimum of 12 credit units per semester. Renewable for up to 8 semesters with a 3.0 cumulative GPA while continuing to major in Biology. Must possess a minimum SAT Math score of 560 or ACT score of 22 in Science or Math.

See Arizona Christian University Scholarship Application (pdf) for further requirements.