2017 AFHE Junior High Graduation Update

As we shared recently, AFHE is going through a significant organizational change in order to serve the Arizona homeschool community even better and to reach more families with the vision for parent-led, privately funded homeschooling in our great state.

During this time of transition, team building, and additional programming including a brand-new Special Needs and Gifted Learners Homeschool Conference we are hosting in 2017, we have had to make some decisions that will allow us to serve the most families possible with the time, energy, and resources we have available.

Due to a variety of circumstances, including dwindling jr. grad participation in recent years, we made a thoughtful, carefully considered decision not to host a separate ceremony for junior high graduation in 2017. As you may have seen on social media, word spread before we had a chance to make a public announcement about this, and a number of families expressed their disappointment about this decision. It is absolutely not our intention to hurt the community we care for and serve faithfully all year long. So, over the past couple of weeks, we have been working on coming up with a solution that is manageable with the resources available and that we could carry out with the standard of excellence by which we operate.

We have an exciting and unique opportunity for a very special Friday night family event during the AFHE Convention (details coming soon!), so we will not be able to host the AFHE Jr. High Graduate Recognition Ceremony during the AFHE Convention weekend in 2017 as usual.

We are pleased to share, however, that we have a solution that we think will work well, without adding an undue burden on our board, committee, or resources, and that will honor the families of both junior high and senior high graduates in 2017.

Homeschooled students graduating from junior high are invited to participate in a special portion of the senior high graduation ceremony to be held on Friday, May 26, 2017 at Dream City Church in Phoenix.

Junior high graduates will participate in the ceremony by walking across the stage prior to the senior high graduates. Each junior high graduate will receive a certificate and will have their picture taken with the MC, which they can download from the photographer’s website and get prints made for their family. Only senior high graduates will wear a cap and gown and musical performances during the ceremony will be presented by senior high graduates.  More information and registration details.

All of the students will be honored and enjoy a special ceremony with a great speaker, student address, and special music. The only difference will be that junior high graduates will not be performing the special music and this venue does not have space for posters. However, they will be blessed with a beautiful ceremony and it will be a statewide gathering of our community as many expressed was important to them. The senior high graduates will still wear a cap and gown, have a photo montage slideshow, and the combined ceremony won’t diminish the focus on them.

We pray this is a beneficial solution that might even be better for our community because we’ll all be together and those families who have homeschooled children graduating from junior high will still have the opportunity to particiapte in a ceremony to celebrate this special milestone..

Registration for junior high graduation will be handled separately from senior high and will be open from January 5 through March 31. Participation is limited to the first 65 junior high graduates to register.

In service to our community,
The AFHE Board of Directors

Senior High Registration Deadline
February 10 regular rate; February 24 late registration deadline $50 late fee included
Absolutely no senior high graduate registrations can be accepted after Feb. 24

Junior High Registration Deadline
March 31