First-Time Attendee Information

Congratulations! You’ve made the decision to attend the AFHE Convention and we are so excited to have you join us!

AFHE offers a discount admission to first-time attendees. To be eligible, you must have never before registered for the AFHE Convention and be one of the first 500 first-time attendees to request a coupon code. See instructions and coupon code request form below.

The AFHE Convention pages here on our website are filled with information to help you get the most out of your experience at this very special event.

A few pages you’ll want to be sure to visit …

We’ve got a great weekend planned for you! You’ll be encouraged and equipped for the home education adventure and you’ll come away with inspiration and ideas for teaching your kids, too!


What to Expect Your First Time at the AFHE Convention
Tips for Getting the Most out of the AFHE Homeschool Convention


The first 500 adults who have never before attended the AFHE Convention are invited to request a coupon code and attend for just $10 per individual adult or married couple plus $35 for a one-year AFHE membership. Coupon codes go quickly. Once we verify that you have not registered for the AFHE Convention previously, we will provide a special registration link to use by June 20, 2018. The deadline to submit a coupon code request is May 31, 2018



We have reached this year's First-Time Attendee Coupon Code limit. We'd love to have you join us for the 2018 AFHE Convention, however, and you are welcome to register online before June 20 to save or register at the door for full price.

Who qualifies for discount admission?

Adults who have never before registered for the AFHE Convention and who are one of the first 500 first-time attendees to request a coupon code are eligible for the discount admission.

How does a first-time attendee get the discount?

Complete the Coupon Code Request form before the 500 available coupon codes for adults are given out for this year. Register for the AFHE Convention no later than June 20, 2018 with your coupon code. Follow the registration instructions provided to you by the AFHE Convention Registration Coordinator.

What is the deadline to register for the Convention using my FTA coupon code?

In order to get the discount admission, all first-time attendees must register online with their coupon code by the registration deadline. We are not able to provide the discount at on-site registration. Be sure to register by June 20, 2018 in order to take advantage of this discount admission opportunity.

Is free spouse admission included?

Yes. We include free spouse admission with first-time attendee registration. Be sure to include your husband or wife’s name in the Coupon Code Request form so we count them as we track coupon codes given out.

If my spouse cannot attend, can a friend go in his place?

Free spouse admission is included with adult registration (including first-time attendee discount registration) to encourage married couples to attend together. However, this free admission can only be used by the husband or wife of the registrant. The spouse free admission cannot be used by a friend if the spouse is unable to attend.

Can I request a coupon code for my friend?

While we would love for you to be able to help a friend out, in this case, no. We need to hear from each adult or married couple that wants to attend the AFHE Convention for the first-time. Having each person/couple’s name and email address allows us to verify that each person who contacts us for this discount has never before registered for the convention as well as being able to communicate and give instructions to each first-time attendee individual or married couple.

Can I share my coupon code with a friend?

Sharing of coupon codes is not permitted. Due to the limited quantity available, each coupon code is unique and has a one-time use. Please have your friend contact us for his/her own coupon code if they have never before attended the AFHE Convention.

Is AFHE membership included?

The first-time attendee discount admission to the 2018 AFHE Convention is just $10 per individual adult or married couple, but requires current AFHE Membership. You will need to pay the membership fee of $35 if you are not already a member or if your membership expires July 31, 2018 or earlier. You’ll have the opportunity to pay the membership fee as part of your convention registration.

Can I bring my children?

We love children and you are welcome to bring your child/children with you, if desired. This conference is geared for parent / teacher enrichment and learning, however, and space is limited in workshop rooms. We encourage you to make childcare arrangements, if possible.

Teens and children (age 3 and up) will be charged an admission fee of $10 each. Infants (age 2 and under) are admitted free. A curtained mothers’ area will be available in the exhibit hall for nursing/feeding infants. Children under age 12 must remain with an adult at all times.