Pirate’s Code: The Adventures of Mickey Matson


Mickey Matson is pitted against the evil Admiral Ironsides who is intent on destroying the world. Mickey and his best friend Sully are forced to take on a new mission and they are trying to save the world from a new type of weapon of mass destruction, the Tesla Coil that will send electromagnetic pulse throughout the world and destroy every device in existence. Mickey and Sully fight the pirates as they try to take over a submarine and steal the last part they need to complete their disastrous plan. If Admiral Ironsides succeeds in his evil plot, it will destroy the world. It is race against time to see if Mickey and Sully can save the world.


Recommended Age: 9+

Genre: Action
Director: Harold Cronk
Cast: Derek Brandon, Francesca DeRosa, Patrika Darbo, Christopher Lloyd, Kenton Duty, Savannah Jayde, Frank Collison, Tia Carrere

Christian worldview that depicts undercover government forces as heroes who defend us from evil forces; The organization lives by the oath, “working together is the most powerful weapon,” which proves successful in the end. The hero sacrifices himself to save the world. No foul language.  A prisoner’s foot lands in a toilet as he escapes from his cell. Mild action violence, including wrestling and fighting after tumbling down a hill, pirates shooting lasers at the feet of two prisoners to make them perform a ditty, a combat game in the woods, a man being thrown overboard, knives thrown at a man with an apple on his head, and the villain threatens the kids with the harpoon on his arm. No blood or gore is seen, two instances of men getting hit in the face by a shovel, punches to the face, a man slipping on oil and falling over the railing of a ship, and a kid getting tossed down a level rather hard. No sexual content. No nudity. No alcohol use. No smoking or drug use. Some controversial statements are made about how the rules need to be broken sometimes. Kids break into the secret files of a library and get away with it, although their intentions are good.


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