Youth Service Team at the AFHE Convention

AFHE Convention - Youth Service Team

Volunteers Make the AFHE Convention Possible!

The AFHE Convention is run almost entirely by volunteers … including an awesome team of hard-working, diligent young people who help in a variety of areas such as exhibitor load-in/load-out, registration, exhibit hall runners, and more!

The AFHE Youth Service Team is a fun way to enjoy the AFHE Convention!  Service Team members must be willing to serve a minimum of three hours to receive free admission to the convention for your service. Many of our Service Team staffers enjoy serving a lot more than three hours and we welcome and appreciate that!

Please read through the information below and then completed the application at the bottom of this page.

QUESTIONS: Nancy Manos,


We are looking for responsible, reliable older teens and homeschool graduates to volunteer in a variety of positions at this year’s AFHE Convention. Service Team members must be willing to comply with the dress code, code of conduct, and any instructions provided by the Convention Director or Service Team Coordinator. Service Team Members will wear a blue Service Team t-shirt while serving.


AFHE will host a video conference call Monday, June 12 @ 7:30 PM for all scheduled volunteers. We use a tool called Zoom. You can go to to download the free app to your computer or smartphone. A link will be sent out by email that will allow you to join the call with either video or audio. The purpose of this brief training is to share information about AFHE, the Convention, and specific reminders and instruction for volunteering. The call will be less than 30 minutes. 

This video conference wil be recorded. Those who are unavailable to join the live conference call will be asked to watch or listen to the recorded training before the Convention.


Below is a brief job description for various jobs Youth Service Team members might be involved with.

We will be scheduling 4 or more Service Team members together in 3-hour shifts. Your group during that particular shift will be a team that will handle any jobs needing attention. So you might sign up for Friday 12:30-3:30 PM and during that time, you might serve water to exhibitors 3 times, put out fliers on chairs in the Teen Program room for a sponsor, stand in line for an exhibitor to get them lunch at concessions, hand out t-shirts to those who ordered them at the AFHE booth, and restock welcome bags at registration, for example.


Thursday, July 6, 9:30-11:00 AM and 11:30 AM – 6:00 PM

4 or 5 Service Team members are needed to assist in unloading a U-Haul with AFHE materials and moving them from the loading dock area to the lobby, ballroom, or other designated area (9:30-11:00 AM).

From 12:00-6:00 PM, Service Team members  will assist exhibitors unload their products onto carts and help unload the products at the exhibitor’s booth (Arrive by 11:30 AM for instructions). Need at least three teens that are age 17+ to assist at the back of the hall. Younger teens are not permitted where vehicles are moving at the back of the exhibit hall, but can help in other parts of the hall.

Thursday, July 6, 10:00-Noon

Assist with setting up signs and placing them in their designated spots, hang AFHE banners, etc.


Friday, July 7, 6:30-7:15 PM

Four or five teens are needed to assist with emptying exhibitor wastepaper baskets after the exhibit hall closes Friday evening. Mr. and Mrs. Gene and Christine Knapp over see exhibitor trash collection. Please meet inside the entrance to the exhibit hall at 6:25 PM Friday evening.


Assist with on-site registration, specifically in the pre-registration name badge pick-up area to restock boxes of programs, welcome bags, etc..


Exhibit hall runners must be confident and have good communication skills. Once per hour, runners will each be resonsible for three or four aisles that you will walk up and down, making yourself available to exhibitors should they have a need. Runners will bring water on a cart to offer cups of water to exhibitors. This position as it may involve standing in an exhibitor booth for a few minutes if the exhibitor needs to run to the restroom and does not wish to leave their booth unattended. Note, you will not be handling sales of exhibitor products, only standing in the booth to monitor the exhibitor’s possessions until they return. In addition, we will offer to have runners stand in line to order lunch for exhibitors who cannot leave their booths.


We are once again hosting an area where moms and dads can sit down with their kids to play games and rest awhile or where one parent can sit with the kids while the other shops in the exhibit hall or attends a workshop. Service Team members will be responsible for checking the Rest Stop Play Area booth once per hour to straighten up games and toys between use by attendees.


AFHE has a number of corporate sponsors again this year. Certain sponsorship packages include allowing the sponsor to provide fliers for us to put out on chairs in a particular room at a certain time. Volunteers are needed to put fliers neatly on alternating seats, all facing the same way, and picking up any leftover fliers following that particular session. 


AFHE is once again hosting our Buy It Here! promotion where attendees receive an entry in a drawing for every $25 they spend at exhibitor booths. We will have adult volunteers checking and tallying the receipts, however, Youth Service Team helpers will be needed to assist during key times. 


Saturday, July 8, 5:00 PM

A few Youth Service Team members are needed to assist in packing up the AFHE information table and display, packing up the signs and easels, registration supplies, etc. This work will begin during the closing keynote, which begins at 5:00 PM when the exhibit hall closes.


Saturday, July 8, 5:00-8:00 PM

This job involves helping to move AFHE materials from lobby to our U-Haul at the loading dock and helping exhibitors load their products onto carts and pushing them to their vehicles at the back of the hall. Need at least three teens or grads that are age 17+ to assist at the back of the hall.

Saturday, July 8, 5:30-8:30 PM

Saturday evening after the exhibit hall closes, a number of teens are needed to assist with clean-up. This involves emptying trash in the exhibit hall, collecting any leftover items or AFHE supplies, and sweeping the exhibit hall once the exhibitors are out and the decorator has removed the tables, chairs, pipe and drape, etc.


As assorted projects or tasks arise, one or more Youth Service Team members may be needed to assist. 


Service Team members may serve as wristband checkers at the door for Comedy and the Constitution Friday, July 7, 5:30-7:00 PM at the Ballroom doors .


We expect all of our volunteers to dress in a professional, modest manner. You will be representing AFHE and the homeschooling community in general. For this reason, and because attendees at the conference share a wide variety of convictions about clothing, we ask that all volunteers follow a dress code. Please come dressed in business casual attire each day that you are scheduled to volunteer. If it is appropriate for your area, please where your Youth Service Team t-shirt on the day(s) you are scheduled to serve.

SERVICE TEAM T-SHIRT: The Youth Service Team t-shirt must be worn by all Service Team members while they are serving. This helps exhibitors and others be able to identify you easily so you may assist them. 

Exception: those youth/grads scheduled to serve at the registration counter with the on-site registration team may wear dress clothes/business casual attire, if preferred.

GIRLS: Pants, nice jeans, skirts that go at least to the knee, or nice capri pants are all acceptable.

GUYS: Slacks or nice jeans with a button-up shirt, polo shirt, or Youth Service Team t-shirt.

JEANS: Service Team volunteers may wear jeans, but they should be clean, nice jeans; not shredded, tattered, or have holes.

WHAT NOT TO WEAR: Please do not wear shorts, short skirts, tank tops, blouses with cleavage or midriff showing,or clothing that is too form-fitting or revealing on the day(s) you are scheduled to volunteer. Undergarments should not be visible.

EXHIBITOR LOAD-IN/LOAD-OUT: Jeans or modest (longer) shorts and t-shirts are all acceptable Thursday during exhibitor load-in and Saturday after 5:00 PM during exhibitor load-out and clean up. It is warm in the exhibit hall during these times. Please dress appropriately for the physical labor involved.


We expect that all of our volunteers will conduct themselves in a polite, professional manner. It is a great blessing to be able to serve one another at this event and we expect that our volunteers will be cheerful, helpful, and ready to serve. AFHE is an organization that promotes and supports private, parent-led, privately funded education of children at home. We do not promote or support virtual charter schools or publicly funded programs for homeschoolers. Our volunteers are expected to support the mission and goals of AFHE. While you are serving at the homeschool convention, we ask that your conversation and comments focus on supporting this vision as well. Our volunteers should not discuss or promote virtual charter schooling or publicly funded programs for homeschoolers to those you encounter at the convention. If you cannot agree to this request, please let us know ASAP so that we can replace you as a volunteer. In addition, volunteers are not permitted to promote their own businesses or endeavors during their time volunteering. While you are serving, your sole focus is on your role as a Youth Service Team member.


If you are interested in volunteering at this year’s convention, please follow these three easy steps.


Mrs. Manos will contact you to get you scheduled after receiving your completed Service Team Volunteer Application.

Once you are scheduled, we will provide a coupon code and instructions for registering for the convention. Registration deadline is June 16, 2017

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