AFHE Thursday Considering Homeschooling Mini-Conference

New to homeschooling? Thinking about homeschooling? You are invited to join us for a FREE pre-convention mini-conference. This is a great opportunity for those new to homeschooling or those considering homeschooling. If you know someone who is thinking about homeschooling or is new to homeschooling, please share this opportunity with them. We’d love to have them join us! We will present three sessions designed specifically for those who are considering educating their children at home. No registration required. Just come on down.

Thursday, July 6, 2017, 2:00-5:00 PM
Phoenix Convention Center, South Building, Room 164-166
33 South Third Street, Phoenix, AZ 85004


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Workshop Descriptions

Enjoy three workshops selected specifically for those who are new to homeschooling. Bring your questions for a special Q&A time at the end of the seminar.

Speaker: Tara Bentley
Are you a new homeschooler? Are you wondering where to begin? Is homeschooling just about education? Join us for a crash course covering information that you’ll need for the wonderful journey ahead!

Speaker: Colene Lewis
This talk provides honest encouragement to those considering homeschooling. The real hard part of home education is the commitment of time, energy and resources. The real blessings of home education include stronger family bonds and a personalized education.  And these blessing will make the work worth it.

Speaker: Heather Haupt
How many times have you heard or maybe even said yourself, “I can’t homeschool because I’m not patient enough (not creative enough, not organized enough, not smart enough, etc.)” Or maybe you’ve asked, “What about socialization? What about gaps in their education?” We’ll tackle these common myths and shed light on how to overcome them.  Let’s separate fact from fiction, discard what is untrue, and turn potential weaknesses into strengths!

Speaker Bios

2017 AFHE Convention Speaker - Tara Bentley

Tara Bentley is a veteran homeschool mom of two daughters. During 13 years of homeschooling, she and her husband Mark served in leadership for 12. They currently serve together on the Board of Directors for Indiana Association of Home Educators (IAHE), where Tara also serves as the Executive Director. Always juggling work, family, and multiple responsibilities, Tara loves encouraging moms who often feel like they just aren’t enough.

2017 AFHE Convention Speaker - Colene Lewis

Colene Lewis homeschooled her daughters through high school in a home where learning was a joy and a way of life. Earning scholarships, each girl excelled at college in biology, engineering, English, and law. More importantly, all three women are walking with the Lord and now raising their own families. Alongside her husband, Tom, Colene served on the board of AFHE for over 13 years. She has been a sought-after speaker across the country. Colene is currently developing with her daughter, Heather Haupt, an easy-to-implement geography curriculum based on living books, hand-on activities, and cross-cultural exploration geared for 5-7 year olds.

2017 AFHE Convention Speaker - Heather Haupt

Heather Haupt is the mother of three knights-in-training and a spunky little princess. She wants to be intentional during these years of parenting and raise children who will make a difference in this world. Recognizing the brevity of childhood and the power of a parent’s influence, Heather both inspires and equips families toward intentional parenting, pursuing God, and delighting in the adventure of learning. She is the author of the book Knights-in-Training: Ten Principles for Raising Honorable, Courageous and Compassionate Boys (Summer 2017, Penguin-Random House) as well as The Ultimate Guide to Brain Breaks.

Convention Registration

Attendance at this pre-convention mini-conference does not include admission to the AFHE Convention Friday, July 7 and Saturday, July 8, 2017. On-site registration will be open from 4:30-5:30 PM for those who wish to register for the convention while you’re there Thursday and skip the lines Friday morning. For those who pre-register for the convention and attend Thursday, you’ll be able to pick up your name badges, welcome bag (one per family), and convention program.

NOTE: This mini-conference takes place during exhibitor move-in and set-up so the exhibit hall will not be open for shopping on Thursday. You will need to register for the convention in order to enter the exhibit hall Friday and Saturday. We do have an exhibit-hall-only pass option on Saturday from 12:00-5:00 PM and will be available for purchase starting at 12:00 PM Saturday.

Visit the AFHE Convention REGISTRATION page for more information.


Parking is plentiful near the Phoenix Convention Center. Parking downtown costs approximately $10-$15 per day.


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The “Considering Homeschooling” Mini-Conference will be recorded and available for purchase from Resounding Voice for $15 for all three workshops. Resounding Voice will be open Friday and Saturday in the lobby or you can purchase recordings once they are available from their website at

CONVENTION SPECIAL: Full-set MP3 of all AFHE Convention workshops $69 on-site Friday and Saturday only.

3-DAY POST-CONVENTION SPECIAL: Resounding Voice will offer a 3-day post-convention special Monday, July 10-Wednesday, July 12 full-set MP3 for just $75. 


Childcare is not provided. This pre-convention mini-conference is geared for adults and takes place during exhibitor set-up for the AFHE Home Education Convention. You may bring your child with you, however, there is no place available for children to play or hang out during the mini-conference sessions. Nursing infants are welcome as always. For your children’s safety and to allow you to glean all that you can from these mini-conference sessions, we encourage you to make childcare arrangements, if possible. If you bring your child with you, he or she must remain with you at all times, and out of courtesy for other attendees, we ask that you step out of the workshop room if your child becomes noisy or a distraction to those around you.


Articles for New Homeschoolers

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