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Submission Guidelines

We invite submissions of announcements about events and activities for Arizona homeschoolers from across the state. Announcements must support AFHE’s mission of inspiring, promoting, and preserving parent-led,  privately funded, relationship-based home education and must not conflict with a biblical worldview. AFHE reserves the right to decline any submission without further comment. We have a one-time run policy for non-AFHE event announcements.


The AFHE e-newsletter is published monthly around the 15th of each month.  Please fill out the form and submit your announcement by the 10th of the month so we have time to add it to the e-newsletter.


Announcements should be very brief, sharing just a few key highlights. Interested families will contact you or visit your website for all of the pertinent details. It is not the purpose of the AFHE enewsletter to communicate all of the details about an event or activity. If an event is for a particular age range, be sure to include that information.


SPELLING: The word homeschool and its variations (homeschooler, homeschooling, homeschooled) are always spelled as one word in AFHE publications including the e-newsletter. The only exception to this spelling rule is if it is part of a company name that spells it as two words. Homeschool is a coined term and is spelled as a single word in Arizona Revised Statutes as well.

DEFINITION: Homeschooling is a legally defined classification of student in Arizona. It is nonpublic instruction provided primarily by the parent or legal guardian or nonpublic instruction provided in the child’s home. Learn more.

We do not include announcements about activities taking place at schools, public or private, taxpayer funded programs, etc.

The opportunity to include an image with your announcement is limited to paid enewsletter advertisers and AFHE announcements. Learn more about ADVERTISING OPPORTUNITIES.

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    Advertising Opportunities

    AFHE has a number of avenues available for eligible advertisers and sponsors including print advertising in our quarterly magazine and convention program, digital advertising in our enewsletter, stand-alone eblast ads to our email list, plus numerous sponsorship opportunities at our events.