AFHE’s 36th annual Arizona Home Education Convention was held July 19-20, 2019 at the Phoenix Convention Center.

We pray the weekend was fruitful for each participating exhibitor as you shared information with our attendees about your products and services and for those who are selling product, we pray you had great sales!

We’ve put together this helpful page to provide the pertinent information at a glance for this year’s registered exhibitors.

The information below is from 2019 and will be updated this fall with 2020 information. 



80,000 sq ft exhibit hall
250 booths | 140+ vendors

3,980 total attendance
1,430 families


Friday, July 10 & Saturday, July 11, 2020

Phoenix Convention Center, South Building
33 South Third Street, Phoenix, AZ 85004

To be announced this fall

2019 Information below for reference. 2020 details coming soon.

Additional Information for Exhibitors


EXHIBITOR MOVE-IN Thursday, July 18, 12:00 – 6:00 PM and Friday, July 19, 7:30-9:00 AM

New in 2019, we will be giving assigned arrival times to exhibitors to help make the check-in process faster and easier and to give our bigger exhibitors and those participating in the Family STEM Fair Thursday as much time as possible to get their booths set up. 


The following exhibitors may arrive to check-in at 12:00 PM.

  • Abeka
  • Alpha Omega Publications
  • BJU Press / HomeWorks by Precept
  • BookShark
  • Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University
  • GeoMatters
  • Great Waters Press
  • Math-U-See
  • Miller Pads & Paper
  • Nature’s Workshop Plus
  • Northwest Treasures
  • Notgrass History
  • Real Science-4-Kids
  • SEALIFE Arizona / LEGOLAND Discovery Center
  • Sonlight Curriculum
  • STEM Opportunities for Arizona Homeschoolers
  • STEM Qwest
  • SuperFlash Math
  • YWAM Publishing


  • Young Entrepreneurs may set up your booths Thursday, July 18, 3:00-6:00 PM or Friday, July 19, 7:30-9:00 AM.


  • All exhibitors should go to the AFHE Exhibitor Check-in counter at the back of the hall near Exhibit Hall G Loading Dock to pick up your name badges.
  • Exhibitor check-in will begin promptly at noon.
  • No early access will be granted to the exhibit hall before noon for safety reasons as the decorator finishes setting pipe and drape, etc.

LARGER EXHIBITORS – STAGING: Larger exhibitor requiring 4+ hours to set up your booth spaces can arrive at 11:00 AM at the East Garage across the street from the loading dock (on 5th street) for staging. This will allow us to get you in at noon to give the biggest exhibitors as much time as possible to get your booths set up.

SMALLER EXHIBITORS that need the loading dock, please wait until after 1:30 PM to get in line in the staging area in the East Garage to allow the biggest exhibitors in first.

SMALL EXHIBITORS who can hand carry your supplies in do not need to use the loading dock and will find it easier to bypass the staging area by parking in a nearby parking garage and bringing your supplies in with you. You can enter the front doors of the South Building on 3rd Street. Enter the exhibit hall door marked “Exhibitor Check-in” and go first to the back right corner of the exhibit hall to get your badges and check in.

WHAT TO EXPECT THURSDAY: Since the roll-up doors at the back of the hall will be open throughout load-in, the air conditioning will only be at half levels so the exhibit hall will be warm, but not hot. Dress accordingly and bring water and snacks. There are water fountains onsite concessions will not be open in the South Building on Thursday.

ADDITIONAL SET-UP TIME FRIDAY MORNING 7:30-9:00 AM: If you have not completed your set-up when the exhibit hall closes at 6:00 PM, you may return in the morning to finish between 7:30 and 9:00 AM. FIRE MARSHAL INSPECTION FRIDAY 8:30 AM: The Fire Marshal will be conducting her inspection of the exhibit hall around 8:30 AM Friday. Her main focus is on safety of everyone in the building. Some things to be aware of …

  • Clear 10′ aisles are critical. Please keep your booth contents fully within the chalk lines for your booth space.
  • Any non-commercial fabric must be treated with fire retardant spray. Commercial table cloths or fabric with manufacturers’ tags are generally fine. It’s fabric you buy off the bolt at the fabric store and burlap that are the biggest issues. Treat your fabric thoroughly, and if possible, bring your bottle of fire retardant spray with you. The Fire Marshal may do a random burn test with a piece of your fabric. Burlap is the biggest concern.

REMOVE TRASH AND EMPTY BOXES BY 9:00 AM FRIDAY: All booths must be set up, with trash and empty boxes removed from your booth space before the Fire Marshal will allow us to open the exhibit hall.

OUR SERVICE TEAM WILL BE AVAILABLE TO ASSIST: The AFHE Service Team volunteers will be available with carts to help as needed. Look for the teens and grads in blue Service Team shirts.

SERVICE DESK – DECORATOR (CSI, Etc.) and COMMONWEALTH ELECTRIC: CSI Etc., the decorator/exposition services company, and Commonwealth Electric will have representatives at the service desk at the back of hall G to answer your questions pertaining to their services. CSI will have S-hooks available for you to use to hang your banner, if needed. You can order services from CSI or Commonwealth on-site, but we recommend you order at least 3 weeks in advance to get the best pricing.On-site pricing for all services are a higher price.

TRASH CANS FOR BOOTHS: Your booth package includes a small trash can. The decorator will put these out in the booths before the hall opens Friday morning.

LOADING DOCK/STAGING AREA MAP Exhibitors using the loading dock to unload for move-in will go to the East Garage entering on Washington or Jefferson between 7th St. and 5th St. A guard will release a number of vehicles to exit the staging area and cross 5th Street to pull up into the back of the exhibit hall where you will unload your vehicle and go park. The biggest vehicles will be parked off to the sides to get unloaded, then go park, and get your booth set up. Everyone else will unload quickly, go park, and then set up your booth. Cars may not be driven into the exhibit hall down the aisles to get near the booths.
PCC Loading Dock Map (pdf)


EXHIBITOR LOAD OUT Saturday, July 20, 4:30 PM

NO EARLY TEAR DOWN: Your booth must remain open and staffed from 10:00 AM to 6:30 PM Friday and 8:30 AM – 4:30 PM Saturday. Early tear-down is not permitted prior to close of the show at 4:30 PM Saturday.

BASEBALL GAME UPDATE: There WILL be a Diamondbacks game at Chase Field across the street both Friday evening (6:40 PM game time) and Saturday evening (5:10 PM). There may be some delays getting exhibitor vehicles queued up for load out, but the congestion should clear up once the game starts. 

SERVICE TEAM WILL BE AVAILABLE TO ASSIST: The AFHE Service Team volunteers will be available with carts to help as needed. Look for the teens and grads in blue Service Team shirts.


You may contact the service providers toward the end of May to order services after the service kit link has been created. You must have your booth number to place an order for electricity, wifi, carpet, extra tables, etc.

NOTE: To get the best pricing, place your order at least 3 weeks before the AFHE Convention. Services may be ordered on-site, but the price is usually much higher than pre-ordering. 

CSI, Etc.

DECORATOR/EXPOSITION SERVICES Extra furnishings (tables, chairs, couches), carpet, special signs/graphics, freight, material handling, shipping, etc.
800-471-7330 or 602-923-0011

Commonwealth Expo Electric

Online order form:

SmartCity Networks



Exhibitor Workshops

If you’ve been approved for and paid for an exhibitor workshop, you’ll find details on page 12 of the EXHIBITOR INFORMATION PACKET. We’re including a little extra information here for you to answer some of the questions we’ve received.


Each exhibitor curtained area is 20′ x 30′ and includes the following

  • 40 chairs
  • Lectern
  • One table at the front for any supplies/materials you bring with you
  • One hand-held cabled microphone that can either be placed in a holder on the lectern or held by the presenter
  • A screen
  • A projector


It is crucial that you arrive on time and end on time. At the end of your workshop, please remove your belongings and exit the curtained area promptly so the next exhibitor can get in and get set up quickly so they can start on time as well. Exhibitor workshops start at the bottom of the hour and last 45 minutes. So if your workshop starts at 12:30, you must conclude no later than 1:15 PM.


PROJECTOR HOOK-UPS: Our AV Team will supply an HDMI and a VGA cable in each room. You are responsible for bringing whatever adapter your laptop needs to connect to that. (For example, USB-C to HDMI adaptor; Display port to HDMI adaptor.)

AV TEAM: Our AV Team will have a runner or two who will touch base with each of the 4 exhibitor workshop curtained areas to make sure you’ve gotten hooked up okay and are ready to go. Please be patient with them as they are literally running from curtain to curtain in that 15 minute window between workshops to assist 4 of you at a time. The AV Team will have a table between exhibitor workshop curtains 2 and 3.

MICROPHONE USE:  All presenters  must use the microphone for your exhibitor workshop. Resounding Voice records all workshops for legal purposes and for AFHE review. For those who have granted recording permission, these workshops will be available for purchase by attendees as well.

DO NOT ADJUST THE VOLUME:  We are balancing providing good sound amplification for those attending exhibitor workshops while managing the noise for those at exhibitor booths and shopping in the hall. Our AV Team will set the volume where needed to accomplish this balance. They may come and adjust as needed if you are too loud and there are complaints. Please do not shout into the microphone. Use your regular speaking voice.


EXHIBITOR WORKSHOP SCHEDULE (pdf)  – Will be posted approx. May 10



  • Name badges must all have an individual’s name printed on them and may not be shared or transferred.
  • Each 10×10 booth rental include 3 badges, with a max of 9 badges per exhibitor who 3 or more booths. 
  • Please let us know if you need additional badges for your booth workers. Badges may not be used for homeschooling parents that are not working a significant portion of the weekend in your booth. Exhibitor badges are not an opportunity for families to skirt the registration process and fees. 
  • The AFHE exhibitor name badge must be worn at all times.
  • If you have your own company name badge, it may be worn so that it is not covering the AFHE name badge.


If you have not already provided us with the names of those who will receive exhibitor badges for your booth, please do so by JUNE 28. If you do not know by June 28 who will be staffing your booth, you can let us know at the door and the names will be hand written on the badges.


An Arizona temporary privilege tax permit is required for businesses engaging in taxable activities (i.e. sale of product) at this event. As of January 2017, sales tax has been centralized through the Arizona Department of Revenue. The AFHE Convention is considered a trade show and those selling items at our Convention will pay retail tax. Follow the link for trade shows on the DOR website.





Food is available for purchase from on-site concessions during AFHE Convention exhibit hall hours for your convenience. In addition, numerous fast food locations and restaurants are within walking distance. A map can be picked up at the Phoenix Convention Center information desk just inside the South Building main lobby entrance or visit

PCC’S FOOD POLICY: The Phoenix Convention Center does not allow convention attendees to bring in outside food unless they are individual meals. So, if you purchase food at a nearby fast food restaurant or you bring in your own sack lunch, you must have one sack/package/beverage per person. PCC will not allow families to bring in lunch orders for multiple people in one sack/package. Please, no family picnic baskets, ice chests, large pizzas, case water, etc.


The Hyatt Regency Phoenix has offered a special discount rate for our group. $104 + tax up to quadruple occupancy. 25% discount on self-parking for those booking with our group. Details on page 20 of the EXHIBITOR INFORMATION PACKET. Reservation link coming!

NOTE: We filled our room block by early June last year. Book your room early to take advantage of the discount at the Hyatt.

SCAM ALERT: AFHE does not contract with any other hotels nor do we have arrangements with any companies that book rooms for our event. Your privacy is important to us. We do not give out exhibitor contact information with the exception of the service providers at the Phoenix Convention Center so you can order electricity, Internet, tables, etc. The only thing we publish on our website is a link to your website on our Exhibitor listing on our website. It appears these scam companies follow the links and get phone numbers and email addresses off of exhibitor websites. They contact exhibitors and say they are booking on behalf of AFHE, which is not true.

NOTE: If you have stayed at the Hyatt as part of AFHE’s room block during a previous AFHE Convention, you may have received an email from the Hyatt via Passkey. The link in that email matches the reservation link above and is legitimate.


EXHIBITOR INFORMATION BOOTH The AFHE Exhibitor Information Booth is located at the front of the exhibit hall near the entrance next to the AFHE Mentoring Moms booth and will be staffed during all exhibit hall hours Friday and Saturday

EXHIBITOR LOUNGE You will find a 20×30 curtained area for exhibitors only on the north wall next to Exhibitor Workshop curtain 2. Friday and Saturday mornings, there will be coffee available for exhibitors only.

We would love to be able to replenish the coffee once it runs out in the morning. However, with coffee at approx. $70/gallon from the PCC contracted caterer, we are only able to offer a limited supply of coffee. Please do not fill personal insulated cups/thermoses, but rather use the cups provided to allow the most number of exhibitors to enjoy.

A water cooler with cups will be located in the exhibitor lounge throughout show hours Friday and Saturday. Service Team members will be walking the exhibit hall once per hour to offer cups of water to exhibitors as well.


The AFHE Exhibit Hall team will lead a brief prayer Friday morning at 9:30 AM over the exhibit hall intercom where they will pray for our exhibitors, our attendees, and for a fruitful and rewarding weekend.

The AFHE Convention team is praying for our exhibitors already and we look forward to praying together with you on-site at the start of the convention weekend.


In the event an exhibitor needs to cancel, a 50% refund of booth fees will be given if notice of cancellation is received by May 3, 2019. After May 3, no refunds will be issued. 

If you need to cancel, your exhibitor fees may not be transferred to another vendor to take your place. Each exhibitor must apply independently, go through the approval process, and pay any fees. 


Where do I park?

Parking is plentiful near the Phoenix Convention Center. Parking downtown costs approximately $10-$15 per day.

Visit for an interactive map with parking, restaurants, and road construction updates.

A couple of parking garages closest to the South Building of the Phoenix Convention Center:

333 E Jefferson Street, Phoenix

602 E Washington St, Phoenix


The following exhibitors may arrive to check-in at 12:00 PM.

  • Abeka
  • Alpha Omega Publications
  • BJU Press / HomeWorks by Precept
  • BookShark
  • Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University
  • GeoMatters
  • Great Waters Press
  • Math-U-See
  • Miller Pads & Paper
  • Nature’s Workshop Plus
  • Northwest Treasures
  • Notgrass History
  • Real Science-4-Kids
  • SEALIFE Arizona / LEGOLAND Discovery Center
  • Sonlight Curriculum
  • STEM Opportunities for Arizona Homeschoolers
  • STEM Qwest
  • SuperFlash Math
  • YWAM Publishing


See EXHIBITOR LOAD-IN INFORMATION toggle below for additional instructions and information for setting up your booth.

The 2019 CSI shipping form will be available in late May after booth assignments have been completed. 


Must arrive by Monday, July 15. 


Must arrive ONLY between 12:00-6:00 PM Thursday, July 18. 

For either option, address your shipping labels as follows: 
Arizona Families for Home Education 2019
c/o CSI etc.
4802 W. Van Buren
Phoenix, AZ 85043


CSI etc.


Our Service Team is staffed with homeschooled teens and graduates who will be volunteering throughout the weekend. Watch for these helpful young people wearing blue “Service Team” t-shirts. It is our pleasure to serve you in this way.

Service team members will come through with cups of water once per hour, are available to stand in your booth if you need to run to the restroom, will stand in line at concessions if you don’t have someone to get give you a lunch break, and will help with exhibitor load-in and load-out.

We are grateful for our sponsors!

AFHE offers a number of custom marketing packages and sponsorship opportunities to give our exhibitors even greater exposure with Arizona homeschool families. It is an honor to partner with our sponsors!

Details about this year’s sponsorship opportunities can be found in the 2019 SPONSORSHIP PACKET