Article and photos by Megan Allison, Glendale

Scottsdale’s Museum of the West offers many exciting real-life exhibits that a homeschooling family can add to their studies. From Hopi pottery masterpieces to rare silver screen movie posters of cowboys and Indians, there are treasures to be explored here. Children of all ages can engage the past while hearing docents retell the daily life of a cowboy. Try your own hand at cattle branding; feast your eyes on saddles, chaps, lassos, and rifles; and learn about the struggles not to lose your earnings in a game of poker. Examine beautiful bronze sculptures and enjoy the seasons of the Grand Canyon depicted in the artwork throughout the museum. Feel a buffalo and learn the importance of utilizing every possible piece of this animal exactly as people would have used it long ago. Throughout the exhibit rooms families will find activity centers to keep little ones occupied while older children explore our rich history of the West. Compliment your studies of Westward Expansion by connecting with the past by taking a field trip to this local spot.

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