Arizona is a great state in which to homeschool. In this Getting Started section of the AFHE website, you will find links to Frequently Asked Questions, information about Arizona homeschool law, instructions for filing an Affidavit of Intent to Homeschool, plus a variety of resources and opportunities to get connected. AFHE is here to help. If you have questions after reading through the information on our website, feel free to email us at We are happy to assist as you start your homeschool journey here in Arizona.


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Legislative Action Alert – Support HB2389

Legislative Action Alert – Support HB2389

AFHE recently shared information about an administrative win that would give homeschool students equal access to jobs through Arizona state agencies using their homeschool graduation credentials (parent-issued diploma and high school transcript) without being required to take the GED. HB2389 creates a statutory solution solidifying the administrative agreements to accept the graduation credentials of homeschooled students.