Lydford Homeschool Adventures

Sonya Lydford, Chandler

Homeschooling was not the plan for our family. I enjoyed the proud feeling of dropping my newly foster/adoptive kindergartener and fifth grader off at their elementary school located within walking distance. I was finally a mom and my kids were off to school—just like the majority of American families. My heart was happy.

Within a short time, we realized that our fifth grader was struggling with his homework. We would spend four hours a night helping him do homework he did not understand because he never got the basics. Since he was not fully adopted, I submitted a four-page letter to the County we lived in regarding his needs and the benefits homeschooling would provide him. It must have been persuasive because they agreed to allow us to homeschool him as long as we did not consider homeschooling his brother.

I cannot say that homeschooling went smoothly, but I do know that homeschooling provided our son with the individualized education he needed. After realizing the benefits, we took our other son our of public school the day of his adoption. He had no interest in going back which surprised me because I thought he loved school. He had gotten a prize every day for being good. It was then that he told us that he could not focus in school and he was having difficulties. I was so glad we had decided to homeschool him, especially since this was his second year in kindergarten.

Throughout 22 years of marriage, my husband and I have homeschooled our thirteen adopted children. As children accustomed to moving often, they had many gaps in their academia. Many of them had missed so much school that they were several grades behind and could barely read. Homeschooling has definitely proved to be a great choice for our family!

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