Deanna Boehmer, Mesa

Failing 7th grade. Behavior out of control. Bullying and frustration with teachers not having the time to help. That’s how our journey to homeschooling began. It’s now senior year of high school and I can proudly say that we have an outstanding young man that I am proud to call my son.

Homeschool changed our lives forever! It provided the opportunity to get to know my son in a deeper way that may have never happened in a traditional school setting. The relationship that came as a result of time together and pushing through the hard times is worth everything to me! The hardest mom job I’ve ever had to do ultimately became the best parenting decision I’ve ever made for him.

I have grown exponentially in my own character development as well. Fully understanding my own religious freedoms and experiencing my rights as an American citizen are things I never truly “knew” until I made some educational decisions that were unconventional. How liberating the entire journey has been!

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