Jennifer Johnson, Phoenix

We have two little dreams come true—5-year-old daughter Karissa and 2-year-old son Kyler. We decided to homeschool to have more time with our kids while they are little. I couldn’t imaging sending my 5 year old away from me for seven hours a day!

We have fun together every day. Having this time together strengthens the relationship between my kids. Whether it’s reading together, playing together, or sharing an experience together, I love that we are making happy childhood memories. They both love going to pizza camp, roller skating and ice skating together (while I stroller skate), and to the BMX bike track in the evenings, which we can do because we don’t have to be up early the next morning.

Besides shared experiences, I love the flexibility and freedom we have. When the weather is nice we get to go to the zoos and parks—and it’s not crowded! They are only little once and we enjoy every day with our kids. In December we do a Christmas Around the World unit study and it’s fun to all learn together. I feel very blessed that my husband has a great job that affords us the privilege of me being a stay at home homeschool mom.

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