Destiny Mawson, Glendale

Our homeschool journey began a bit unexpectedly in January 2014. We had been having some behavior issues with our second oldest daughter that had continued to escalate, despite all our best efforts. Home over Christmas break, we felt like we got our daughter back. The anger and reclusiveness she was exhibiting decreased and there was a noticeable change in her countenance. The biggest difference, we concluded, was the lack of school environment. The night before she was to return we asked her to pray about being homeschooled. On Monday morning, we un-enrolled her.

I was blessed to have at the time many friends who homeschooled their children. I met with and interviewed several those first few weeks and the best advice I got, was to attend the AFHE convention that was taking place that summer. It was there we decided that homeschooling was what was best for our whole family and not just our one daughter who was struggling.

It has not always been an easy journey. We have homeschooled through a child being diagnosed with a chronic illness, selling our home, several moves, the death of loved ones, pregnancy and a pre-term baby, and depression. But we have felt the Lord bless us abundantly for our choice to bring our children home—the most apparent blessing being the relationship amongst our children one with another. For us, homeschooling is heart work.

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