Aimee Young, Flagstaff

Homeschooling is hard.

I am not a patient person and, not surprisingly, neither are my kids. Friends and family have often asked me, “If it’s so hard, why do you do it? Why not send them to school and give yourself a break?”

When it comes down to it, for me and my husband, homeschooling is so much more than “education” or “the 3 R’s.” In any given day, my kids are also learning important life skills such as sewing, cooking, making up games (dealing with boredom), organization and planning, time management, caring for animals, personal responsibility, etc.

Most importantly my kids are learning relationship skills. They all enjoy interacting with people of different ages, ethnicities, and backgrounds. They are (slowly) learning how to resolve conflicts in a healthy way. They are learning that they are part of a team—and that each one of them is valuable and truly integral to that team we call “family.”

Instead of splitting apart from each other when everyone’s driving one another crazy, we have the opportunity to learn to communicate and work through our differences. We learn to apologize and learn to forgive. We cry and we laugh. And best of all, we do it together. THAT is why we homeschool.

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