2019 Graduation


Congratulations on your upcoming graduation from high school! The AFHE Graduate Recognition Ceremony is a special evening to honor homeschooled graduates from across the state.


Congratulations on your upcoming graduation from senior high! We are pleased to have you join us for AFHE’s 2019 Graduate Recognition Ceremony, a very special event celebrating an important milestone in the lives of Arizona homeschooled graduates.

Graduate Information

Be sure to read through the GRADUATE REGISTRATION INFORMATION PACKET before completing this registration form. It contains a lot of helpful details about participating in the ceremony including instructions for submitting your photos.

Registration Deadline

February 21, 2019 – $159 registration fee per graduate

February 28, 2019
Registrations received between February 21 and 29 include a $50 late registration fee – $209 per graduate

Absolutely no graduate registrations can be accepted after February 28.