The Arizona Homeschool Scholarship Fund (AHSF) provides eligible Arizona homeschooled students with financial assistance in pursuing post-secondary education from a college, university, or trade school. The AHSF was established to recognize Arizona homeschooled students’ achievements, assist in their post-secondary education, and honor the sacrifice made by their parents.

In the summer of 2000, AFHE formed the Arizona Homeschool Scholarship Committee, which is overseen by the AFHE Board of Directors. Comprised of Arizona business professionals, the AHSC established criteria and an administrative process to operate the scholarship fund. The AHSC reviews applications and recommends scholarship awards for qualified students.

From 2001 to 2018, AFHE has awarded $107,250 to 90 outstanding homeschool applicants for their post-secondary education. To further expand the program AHSC also includes designated scholarships. The designated scholarship program allows donations in the name of an individual, family, business, or other entity. This approach allows donors to personalize the scholarships by specifying such things as amount, criteria, title, and purpose.

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Donating to the Scholarship Fund


The success of this program depends on you! Your investment in the Scholarship Fund can make a huge difference in the life of  homeschooled students pursuing post-secondary education.

AFHE is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit corporation and your donation is tax deductible.

Together, we are making a difference! 100% of the money donated goes to deserving homeschool graduates.

There are several ways you can donate to the AFHE General Scholarship Fund.

You can make an online donation using your credit card through the donate button below.

Donate Now


Individuals, organizations, and homeschool support groups can make a contribution to the scholarship fund by check. Put “AFHE Scholarship Fund” in the memo line of the check.

Mail check payable to AFHE to

AFHE Scholarship Fund
P.O. Box 2035
Chandler, AZ 85244-2035


You can donate by payroll deduction through the Valley of the Sun United Way (VSUW). There are over 1,800 Valley companies that participate with the VSUW. Ask your company. Our agency number is 1350. All monies received go directly into the general scholarship fund.


box_tops_logoClip and Send Us Your Box Tops®

AFHE collects Box Tops for Education® as an additional avenue for raising funds for the AFHE Scholarship Fund.

Clip Box Tops® from specially marked packages and send them to
AFHE Box Tops, P.O. Box 2035, Chandler, AZ 85244-2035


Bring your Box Tops to Convention

We will have a collection jar at the AFHE Convention where you can deposit your clipped Box Tops.

Collect Box Tops at Your Homeschool Group Activities

We have collection boxes available for Arizona homeschool groups who would be willing to clip and collect Box Tops for the AFHE Scholarship Fund at your weekly park day or homeschool group activities.

Box Tops Challenge

Participate in the AFHE Box Tops Challenge and help us achieve our Box Tops collection goals. 



AFHE Scholarship Liaison,

Designated Scholarships


The Designated Scholarship Fund allows you to personalize and apply additional conditions to your donation. The designated scholarship can be set up in the name of an individual, family, business, or other entity. The minimum amount is $1,000.

Please complete the online Designated Scholarship form below and, once reviewed and approved by the Scholarship Committee,  submit your donation online* or by check payable to AFHE. For online payment, please indicate in the NOTES section that this is a donation to a designated scholarship and include the name of the designated scholarship.

For payment by check, make check payable to AFHE, and mail to

AFHE Scholarship Fund
P.O. Box 2035
Chandler, AZ 85244-2035

Designated Scholarships must be funded by December 31.


  1. The designated scholarship can be set up in the name of a person, family, business, or other entity.  Your contribution can also be anonymous.
  2. The minimum donation amount for a designated scholarship is $1,000 per year. There is no limit on the maximum amount of a donation.
  3. Scholarship donation paperwork must be filed by November 30 to be included in the scholarship application for the upcoming calendar year. Funding for designated scholarships must be received no later than December 31.
  4. The donor can increase the amount in any given year.
  5. The donor determines the longevity of their scholarship.
  6. Scholarship awards can be split between semesters.
  7. Donors will receive notification and a thank-you letter from the winning applicant.
  8. If there are no qualified candidates, the money will carry over to the next year’s process.
  9. You may elect a college or university to present the scholarship award. Be aware they can charge up to 10% of the award amount. Arizona Families for Home Education does not charge for processing scholarship awards.
  10. The Arizona Homeschool Scholarship Fund is open to any Arizona homeschooled student whose family is a current member of AFHE and has been homeschooled all four years of high school in accordance with Arizona Revised Statutes. ESA contract students taught at home and virtual charter school students or those who were enrolled in a virtual charter school or had an ESA contract during any of the four years of high school are ineligible to apply. 
  11. Applicants must meet the general homeschool scholarship requirements as well as the donor-designated requirements.
  12. Relatives of a designated scholarship donor are ineligible for that particular scholarship.
  13. The AFHE Scholarship Committee determines the scholarship winners.
  14. Arizona homeschool families are made aware of scholarship opportunities through the following outlets:  AFHE website,  email to AFHE members and Arizona support group leaders, the AFHE magazine, Senior High Graduate Recognition Ceremony, AFHE Leadership Conference, and the Annual State Homeschool Convention.
  15. All donations are tax deductible. Donor will receive no goods or services in exchange for this donation. 
  16. The AFHE Scholarship Committee has approval discretion regarding designated scholarship donations and may decline a donation that does not fit with the organization’s mission, philosophy, objectives, or goals, or if the focus of the designated scholarship conflicts with a biblical worldview or the Board of Directors’ statement of faith. 


  • Academic achievement, integrity, conduct, financial need, character, leadership, professionalism
  • A particular college, university, or trade school
  • A particular field of study
  • Grade Point Average (GPA)
  • Undergraduate or postgraduate degree program
  • ACT, SAT, GRE, LSAT, MCAT results, etc.

Designated Scholarship Fund

The Designated Scholarship Fund allows you to personalize and apply additional conditions to your donation. The designated scholarship can be set up in the name of an individual, family, business, or other entity. The minimum amount is $1,000.
  • Donor Contact Information

  • Scholarship Information

  • For example, Titan Electronics, Inc. Scholarship; Smith Family Scholarship; Thompson Memorial Scholarship

  • Enter the amount of the scholarship for one year. 

    Is the scholarship renewable for the recipient if the criteria are maintained?

    For which year(s) of college may the student apply for this designated scholarship? The default will be Freshman year only unless otherwise indicated by the donor. 

  • Please indicate any required criteria for the recipient of this designated scholarship to meet. Designated scholarship preference criteria can be based on:

    • Academic achievement, integrity, conduct, financial need, character, leadership, professionalism
    • A particular collge, university, or trade school
    • A particular field of study
    • Grade Point Average (GPA)
    • Undergraduate or post-graduate degree program
    • ACT, SAT, GRE, LSAT, MCAT results, etc.

    I understand that upon review and approval by the AFHE Scholarship Committee, I must provide payment in full for this designated scholarship no later than December 31. 

    I understand that AFHE is a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation and this donation is tax deductible. I will not receive any goods or services in exchange for this donation. AFHE will provide me with a tax-deductible donation acknowledgement letter.

    I understand that the scholarship recipient selection process will be handled by the AFHE Scholarship Committee.

    If I have indicacted that this is a renewable award, I agree to fund the scholarship for the recipient for the number of years indicated above.

    I understand I may increase the amount in any given year and that I determine the longevity of this scholarship. 

    I understand that if there are no qualified candidates the money will carry over to the following year's scholarship application process. 

    I understand that the Arizona Homeschool Scholarship Fund Application is open to any homeschooled student whose family is a current member of AFHE, and that the applicants must meet the general scholarship requirements in addition to the donor-designated requirements.

    I understand that my relatives are ineligible for this particular scholarship. 

Apply to the Scholarship Fund

The AHSF consists of general scholarships and designated scholarships. General scholarships are restricted to first-year, college-bound students while the designated scholarships may address the students at any stage of their college or post-graduate experience. Designated Scholarships may include additional requirements and criteria. All general and designated scholarship applicants must fill out the AHSF Application. Students may apply for multiple awards which includes both the general and designated scholarships.


All phases of the AHSF are administered by the Arizona Homeschool Scholarship Committee under the oversight of the AFHE Board of Directors.

All students who apply and provide the supporting documents will be considered for an AFHE General Scholarship. Each application will have the opportunity to select additional designated scholarships for which they would like to be considered.

Eligible students must have been homeschooled for all four years of high school in accordance with Arizona Revised Statutes and the family must be a current AFHE member. 

Supporting Documents to Submit

Once you have completed the online application above, please submit the following supporting documents to the AFHE Scholarship Liaison at no later than March 8, 2019. With the exception of the student’s photo, all supporting documents should be submitted as either pdfs or as Word documents.

See additional details/requirements for the Designated Scholarships below.



Student-authored, one-page life story about the student’s homeschool experience (family, leadership, volunteerism, and other interests such as sports, music, etc.)


Student-authored, one-page essay about the student’s future goals.


Submit one recent high-resolution digital photo of the student as a jpg file. Label file name with student’s name: lastname_firstname.jpg


Up to 100 words written in the third person.


Please provide two letters of recommendation from non-family members.


A copy of the student’s homeschool high school transcript and community college transcript (if applicable). This does not need to be an official copy from the community college. A photocopy is sufficient.


A copy of the results of all nationally recognized achievement tests (ACT, SAT, etc.) or post-high school studies placement tests taken, if required by the school/institution the student will be attending. This does not need to be an official copy.

2019 Designated Scholarship

Lewis Scholarship

Scholarship Fund Code: 1

Scholarship Title

The Lewis Scholarship

Donor Name

Tom & Colene Lewis

Scholarship Award Amount


Distribution Schedule

Award half the amount each semester

Number of Scholarships to be Awarded


Scholarship is Renewable if Criteria are Maintained



First year experience at a four-year college or university

College Major or Field of Interest

Journalism, Law, Public Policy, Business, Political Science, Economics, or related fields

Minimum Grade Point Average Required


Scholarship Criteria

The donors are looking for a civic-minded student with a Christian worldview who seeks to apply Judeo-Christian values in order to positively impact policy and culture.

Additional Submission Requirement

In addition to the supporting documents outlined above, the donor requires a student-authored two-page essay on how your call to public life will impact the foremost challenges of our day for the Kingdom of Christ and the betterment of our society.

Additional Information


The scholarship committee reviews each scholarship application and accompanying material. The committee considers the student’s academic record, accomplishments, personal recommendations, leadership qualities, character, community activities, and service. Additional consideration is given to students pursuing a degree from a four-year college or university. In the case of designated scholarships the committee also evaluates the applicant in relationship to the specific donor requirements.


Program awards vary due to availability of funds, strength of candidates, and donor designated specificity. The minimum amount for any scholarship is $500. Scholarship awards are dependent on proof of college registration as a full-time student.


The Scholarship Committee will review and evaluate applications once the application process has closed. In early May, each applicant will be notified whether they have been awarded a scholarship. 




Recipients may be highlighted in AFHE publications and website, at the AFHE Convention, sr. high graduate recognition ceremony, and in follow-up publicity. AFHE scholarship recipients are expected to reflect well on Arizona homeschooling by their quality of citizenship, character, and studies.

Recipients of designated scholarships are encouraged to write a thank you letter to the donors.

Correspondence should be sent to
AFHE Scholarship Liaison
P.O. Box 2035
Chandler, AZ 85244-2035

2018 Scholarship Recipients

Leah Busler

$1,000 AFHE General Scholarship

Elizabeth Flavin

$750 AFHE General Scholarship

Audrey French

$500 AFHE General Scholarship

Kellen Hemmings

$1,500 Lewis Scholarship

Rebecca Lyts

$1,500 AFHE General Scholarship

Gabrielle Sequiera

$500 AFHE General Scholarship

Ruthanne Teo

$1,000 AFHE General Scholarship

Abigail Troyer

$500 AFHE General Scholarship

Grace Varadin

$1,000 AFHE General Scholarship

David Wright

$500 AFHE General Scholarship

2017 Scholarship Recipients

Paul Oftedahl

$1,500 AFHE General Scholarship

Madeline Peltzer

$1,500 Lewis Scholarship

David Korn

$1,000 AFHE General Scholarship

Timothy Graunke

$500 AFHE General Scholarship

Grace Balkan

$500 AFHE General Scholarship

Holly Ciampi

$500 First Choice Entrepreneurial Scholarship

Dawson Maguire

$500 Margie Foster Memorial Scholarhsip

2016 Scholarship Recipients

Amy Kee

$1000 Bouman Law Firm Scholarship

Keaton Scherpereel

$500 Bouman Law Firm Scholarship
$500 AFHE Scholarship

Weston Smith

$1000 AFHE Scholarship

Kyle Tappendorf

$1500 AFHE Scholarship

Griffin Weiss

$1000 AFHE Scholarship

Taylor Williams

$750 Lewis Scholarship

Rachel Wright

$750 Lewis Scholarship

2015 Scholarship Recipients

Cole Brauer

$1000 Evan C. Gary Memorial Scholarship
$500 AFHE Scholarship

Victoria Monk

$1500 AFHE Scholarship

Cole Nelson

$1500 AFHE Scholarship

Keaton Rich

$1200 Bouman Law Firm Scholarship
$300 AFHE Scholarship

Mason Weiss

$1500 Lewis Scholarship