Arizona homeschool groups that exist specifically to support parents who are homeschooling their own children as defined in Arizona state statutes are welcome to apply to have their group listed on the AFHE Support Group page.

A committee under the direction of the AFHE Board reviews all homeschool group listing applications. The AFHE Board reserves the right approve or decline to list any group at our discretion without further explanation. It is our desire to list groups that support and promote parent-led, privately funded, relationship-based home education in Arizona.

Groups listed on the AFHE website may, at their discretion, include families with virtual charter school/public-school-at-home students and/or ESA* contract students in their membership. However, in order to be listed on the AFHE website your group must primarily consist of families who are homeschooling in accordance with ARS 15-802 (non-public instruction provided primarily by the parent or guardian or non-public instruction provided in the child’s home). Group leaders must be homeschooling parents themselves.

We do not list hybrid private schools, programs offered through public or private schools for homeschoolers, homeschool co-ops that offer a class schedule that replaces the parents as the primary instructor in the core subjects, or other groups that do not fit the mission of promoting parent-led, privately funded home education.

*ESA Contract Students are a separate classification of student as defined in state statute and are not classified as homeschooled students. In accordance with ARS 15-2402 an ESA Contract Student shall not file an affidavit of intent to homeschool pursuant to section 15-802. ‘

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