Advertising in the AFHE Convention Welcome Bag is a great way for businesses to advertise their products or services to Arizona homeschool families who attend the AFHE Convention.
 Each family will receive a Welcome Bag at check-in when they arrive at the AFHE Convention.

Welcome Bag advertisers must support AFHE’s mission of inspiring, promoting, and preserving parent-led, privately funded home education.

Colleges, other post-secondary education programs, and JTEDs are welcome to apply.
Public schools, charter schools, private schools, hybrid private schools, and taxpayer-funded programs are not eligible.

AFHE reserves the right to decline an application without further comment.

The AFHE Convention is attended by more than 4,600 total each summer including parents, teens, children, grandparents, volunteers, speakers, and exhibitors. Approximately 1,560 families or buying units. 


  • $100 – ONE INSERT (8 pages or fewer secured together)
  • $200 – TWO INSERTS (two separate items such as a brochure and a DVD)
  • $300 – MAGAZINE/CATALOG (9 or more pages)

Businesses who do not have a booth at the AFHE Convention are invited to apply to participate in the AFHE Convention Welcome Bag for the non-exhibitor rate of $100 per insert (1500 copies of the same piece/insert). One insert equals anything 8 pages or less that can be picked up in one grab as the volunteers stuff the Welcome Bags. Multiple pages must be stapled, folded, closed with a label, or packaged in a cellophane bag or envelope, or similar to count as one insert. More than one loose page will count as multiple inserts. Maximum dimensions 9″x12″ and 8 pages or less. Inserts should be fairly flat.

You will send 1500 copies of your insert to us after you have been approved.

MAGAZINES/CATALOGS 8+ PAGES: If you wish to place a magazine or catalog in the Welcome Bag that is more than 8 pages, the fee is $300.


1 – Complete this application

2 – Submit a sample of your insert(s) for our review

3 – Once approved, payment and shipping instructions will be provided



The deadline for us to receive your Welcome Bag inserts is June 21. These will be shipped/delivered to a residence in the East Valley and must be shipped via UPS, FedEx, USPS, or other ground transport that does not require a loading dock. Inserts may also be hand-delivered. Do not send to the AFHE P.O. Box. Shipping instructions will be sent out toward the end of May.


If you are applying for booth space at the AFHE Convention, you’ll be able to add the Welcome Bag to your exhibitor order at a discount rate and do not need to complete this form for non-exhibitors.

CONTACT: with questions