March is Young Entrepreneurs month as part of AFHE’s 35th anniversary. This page has several helpful resources, links to encouraging videos for young entrepreneurs, and more!

We are pleased to be able to celebrate and foster the industriousness and creativity of Arizona homeschool students and graduates who are running their own businesses or making plans to do so.

Check back often as we’ll be adding more items of interest throughout the year.

Thursday, March 15, 2018

6:00 PM Arizona | 9:00 PM EST

Students, teens, graduates, and parents, too … whether you’ve already started your own business or you have an entrepreneurial spirit and are in the planning stages, this webinar is for you! Join guest speaker Tyler Hogan, president and chief curriculum designer at Bright Ideas Press for an hour of encouragement and practical insight for entrepreneurs of all ages. Interactive, engaging, and packed with helpful tips. You’ll have the opportunity to ask questions, too!

REGISTRATION FEE: Now FREE of charge thanks to a generous sponsorship from Ardent Communications.



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Registration for the live webinar has closed. AFHE Members will have access to the video recording following the webinar.


Entrepreneurship at Home

A webinar with guest speaker Tyler Hogan, Bright Ideas Press

Are you or your teens looking for some extra cash? Want to get some great experience with work and finances? Then entrepreneurship may be for you! Come learn the ins and outs of home business formation, growth, and management from the ground up. Whether you’re looking to build your product, service, ministry, or web-based enterprise, you will find great ideas, resources, and scriptural principles to help you on your way. This crash-course in entrepreneurship will give you everything you need to plan, launch, and grow your home enterprise.

Tyler Hogan


Tyler Hogan is the president and chief curriculum designer at Bright Ideas Press. He and his wife Helen are both homeschool graduates and now homeschool their four adorable children. Tyler is an author, speaker, cartographer, and game designer. He teaches about homeschooling, geography, the arts, worldview, entrepreneurship, and other topics. He serves as president of Grace for Dover, a nonprofit Christian community development organization. In his spare time, he loves reading good books, playing games with friends, drinking good tea, and enjoying the adventure of lifelong learning. He has a BA in theatre from Belhaven University.


The mistakes that happen remind me to be more humble and disciplined in my work if I want to make a difference.

Gabrielle Jordan

I realized you can lemons-to-lemonade everything.


What will you create that will make the world awesome?

Kid President

It’s important to know what your customer wants, not just what you think would work.

Noa Mintz

Do a giveaway. Whenever I do a giveaway, I will usually get 200-300 more followers.

Rachel Coker

The more I learned, the more productive and wiser I became.

Jack Hoskins

Carol Topp – Micro Business for Teens

Carol Topp is a CPA, author, and speaker. She has published a series of books for teens offering practical advice and encouragement including pitfalls to avoid as you start and run a microbusiness. The videos below accompany a 13-week class taught by Carol.


How to Begin Your Presentation

Simon Sinek

How Brands Work in Our Brains

Debbie Millman

ARTICLE: 8 Ways to Make Your Elevator Pitch More Memorable

8 Ways to Make Your Elevator Pitch More Memorable

You really have fewer than 30 seconds to make an impact on somebody. It’s best to start with a problem that people can understand and then work from there to present the opportunity for a solution that can work in the marketplace.



Entrepreneurship in High School


Below are several resources we came across that we thought might be of interest to Arizona young entrepreneurs.

AFHE does not necessarily endorse these resources. Please do your own research to determine if a resource is a good fit for your family.

Kidpreneurs is offering a free book ($12.95 value) for the cost of shipping/handling.


We are pleased to bring back the Young Entrepreneurs program again this year at the AFHE Convention! This is a great way to celebrate and encourage the entrepreneurship of the many talented homeschooled students in our state. Homeschooled students and graduates age 11-24 who have their own business are invited to apply for booth space at this year’s AFHE Convention.


Applications received by April 27 and approved for participation will be included in the Convention Program. Additional applications may be accepted after April 27 if space is still available, but may not be able to be included in the Convention Program.