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Homeschooling and the ESA

We are blessed to live in a state that offers so many school choice options. Answering a frequently asked question about homeschooling and the ESA, AFHE desires to provide parents parents with information to aid in making the best decisions on education options for their own family.

2019 Legislative Session

The 2019 Legislative Session is underway at the Arizona State Capitol. AFHE’s Legislative Team is reading bills and watching for issues that may impact homeschool freedom.

Scholarship Recipient Madeline Peltzer

2017 Lewis Scholarship recipient Madeline Peltzer shares a letter of appreciation for the scholarship award she received from the AFHE Scholarship Fund and an update on the many exciting experiences she’s had during her first year at Hillsdale College

AFHE Statement Regarding Proposition 305

AFHE has received numerous inquiries about our organization’s position on Proposition 305, an initiative that voters are seeking to learn more about in order to make an informed decision.

Dear Homeschool Mama

Sylvia Miller is cheering for her fellow homeschool mamas and shares some encouragement for those in the homeschool trenches to help avoid burnout.

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