New AFHE Board Couple – Michael and Kristina Abbott

AFHE is pleased to welcome Michael and Kristina Abbott to the board of directors. We look forward to serving the Arizona homeschool community alongside them. (October 2020)

What to Expect Your First Time at the AFHE Convention – GCU Edition

You’ve made the decision to attend the AFHE Convention and we are so excited to have you join us! We’ve put together an article to help you know what to expect before you come.

Reflecting on the Lord’s Faithfulness

A year ago, we were forced to announce the cancellation of the 2020 AFHE Convention.  Up until last year, homeschoolers from across Arizona had been able to meet every year for 36 years straight. The convention was a constant for homeschooling families--a regular time...

Election 2020

It’s election season. And, that means we are all bombarded with information. There’s a lot at stake. How do you plan to cast an informed vote?

Free Resources for those Considering Homeschooling

AFHE provides free resources for families considering homeschooling. Find hope instead of an overwhelming uphill battle! Downloads included.

Top Five Benefits of Listening to Audiobooks

Have you considered adding audiobooks to your school day? In this article, audiobook producer Jim Hodges gives five benefits to listening to audiobooks.

Do Arizona Homeschoolers Get a Tax Credit?

One of the questions we are asked regularly is whether there is a tax credit for homeschoolers or if homeschool materials can be deducted from one’s income taxes. AFHE shares information to help answer this question.

10 Things You Might Experience in the Transition from School to Homeschool

Whatever time of year it is, you—like many others—find yourself at the beginning of a brand-new journey: homeschooling. Veteran homeschool mom Laura Gadbery shares real-life encouragement highlighting ten things you might encounter as you begin the homeschool adventure.

Arizona Field Trips – Mini Time Machine Museum, Tucson

The Duell family recounts their trip to the Mini Time Machine Museum of Miniatures in Tucson, one of only five US museums with miniature displays.

My Homeschool Story – Johnson Family

Jennifer Johnson, Phoenix, shares how much fun she and her two young children have learning together and being together every day.

Unprecedented Times Call for a Positive Perspective

Writer Marie Tynan details three opportunities of growth, increased learning, discipleship: turning unprecedented times into positive family experiences.

New AFHE Board Couple – Peter & Allison Gentala

AFHE is pleased to welcome Peter and Allison Gentala to the board of directors. We look forward to serving the Arizona homeschool commuity alongside them. (December 2016)

Not Your Father’s Law: A Brief Account of Arizona Homeschool Law

Thanks to the work of Arizona Families for Home Education (AFHE), Arizona homeschoolers enjoy one of the best homeschool laws in the nation. Your father’s law was much different, however.

Learning at Home and in Nature

Learning at Home and in Nature Guest Post by Charlene Notgrass, Notgrass History President Theodore Roosevelt received most of his childhood education at home. He learned from his father and mother. He also learned from his aunt and grandmother who lived with his...

Homeschool Graduation and the Civics Test

Arizona homeschoolers ask regularly if the civics test requirement for high school graduation applies to them. AFHE answers this frequently asked question.

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Election 2020

It’s election season. And, that means we are all bombarded with information. There’s a lot at stake. How do you plan to cast an informed vote?

Easy Steps to Filing Your FAFSA

If your child is going to college next fall, file your FAFSA to determine financial aid qualification. It’s easy as writer Sylvia Miller tells you how.

Arizona Field Trips – Rosson House

Visit Phoenix’s beautiful Victorian Rosson House museum located downtown. Read about this field trip from the Allison family’s experience.

Patriot Academy – Crash Course

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